Loving Mother’s Day Again

Sometimes I think if my mom weren’t around life would be easier. It wouldn’t be; I still be the same person. I’m proud of the person I have become. This is because of her, not in spite of her.  I have revised this blog post because I have come to realize the importance of the relationship with my mother on my life. It has carved my path. It has made me strong. We need to learn to rise above the pain left by our absent Mother’s. This week I struggled with the thought of sending her a card. My good intents are for me, they help me heal. I'll send a card. I’ll send positive thoughts and energy, and LOVE. 

Self care is important for your mental well being when working through this abandonment. When I say self care this is not just the act of getting your hair done, taking a bath, or going shopping. This is the deeper act of working through your residual feelings. Make the therapist appointment, journal the pain, experience the feelings and process. To heal you need to process what is inside. Please do not try doing this alone without the guidance of a professional.

Find yourself a support network. This can be a friend who understands what you are going through. Pick up the phone and call that person. Often I hear, this is too much for my friend to bear. Let your friend decide what they can and can not bear. You are not responsible for their well being too. As a listening friend I appreciate being available to my friend in need.

I have included a link to a CNN article that really speaks to what happens with many moms. I hope it help. Please comment and help the dialogue with other children like you.