#Metoo: Moving Forward from Sexual Abuse

As a teen, I remember being groped in a swimming pool, boys thinking it was ok to grab my butt, or being called a “tease” when I would turn down advances. My mother spent her time trying to appeal to men. Watching her made me believe it was normal. What it actually did by college was put me on guard. I began pushing most men away, even the wall intentioned and kind. 

We are taught as young women to be kind to everyone, smile, and don’t complain. For me, being bounced around and moving often, this behavior meant more. I had to act in a way that people would want me around. I would be quiet and polite. It is amazing that made it out of that environment without being sexually assaulted. I believe my strong sense of Flight/Fight/Freeze kept me safe.

Now, I help women who are the survivors of sexual abuse. It is hard work for all involved. As a therapist my heart is in it and for my clients it can be scary and painful. It’s bravery that pushes them to heal that pain. With time, patience, and love, a woman can move forward. She needs support, understanding, and the faith it can and will happen. 

This fall, I will begin my second group working with women wanting to heal the pain of sexual abuse. As a country, more women are finally able to say no and understand our bodies are not toys or objects for a men to do with as they please. We are being heard. Please, join me this fall if you are ready to take the next steps. I can help you, I will be here for you.