Finding the Motivation to Change

We all have different reasons for making changes in our lives. The source of our motivation varies for each of us. The level of motivation also varies. I’m going to use my personal recent need to change. My doctor told me I needed to cut sweets in my diet and lose a little weight. Nothing drastic 10-20 pounds. He told me this months ago and I have yet to do either. I have hit a mental wall that causes me to continue with my bad behaviors. 

Recently, I was able to unlock some secrets to my own motivation to change. I need a support system. I need people who encourage and give me a clear plan to success. I’m now supported by a nutritionist. I was working with a dietician to get to the core of the sugar addiction, my family doctor to give me test results and the numbers I need to reach. This team has given me the motivation to change. I understand what has to be achieved, what I need to do to achieve it, and what this success will do for me in the long term.

How do you get to your motivators? When we struggle with change their are reasons. You need to work with a team who can help you. This can be your doctor,  a counselor, or a supportive friend. 

Health Care providers, change resistant patients often have a reason. They just aren’t deciding to be stubborn. It could be lack of success in previous attempts, family system barriers, socioeconomic barriers, trauma related barriers. You need to be open to exploring that so you can direct them to resources. I don’t know a person who enjoys their pain. They often, like myself, are unsure how to proceed. 

If you are struggling with changing unhealthy behaviors, give me a call.