My personal battle with weight

Over about the past 10 years, I have been in a battle with my weight. My metabolism continuously drops and the pounds stick. My food choices, not always the greatest. Currently, I am at my highest weight 171, I weighed 127 when I was married in 1999, and 140 pounds in 2010. I’m not embarrassed by the numbers; they are just that, numbers. Over the past five years, I have actively worked to improve my overall health. It’s emotional eating that takes me down. It’s a battle I seldom win. When emotions run my brain, I don’t even think twice about eating a piece of cake or snacking when I am not hungry. My weight gain has been slow and steady, until about August of this year. Multiple life stressors over took emotional processing. My brother dealing with mental illness, having to move my office from a beloved space, my safe space and yoga home closed, and planning an event for my son who is a senior in high school. All of these things lead to me gaining 10 pounds of that weight over 4 months time. I’m at a point where I am most unhappy with not being able to fit into even my largest of clothing…even stretchy pants are unforgiving. 

Then I mentally and emotionally hit rock bottom. I took a yoga class at a local community center, one of the walls was mirrored. I saw what my body transformation really looked liked. 

So here I am, on a new path. My first decision was to journal and share what’s appropriate with you my journey to turn this around. Today is day one. I decided to start with low cal protein packed smoothies for breakfast and lunch. Tonight, a sensible low calories dinner and a snack. I will have to work hard to stop there. As for exercise, I sprained my LCL (outer knee) in yoga. The yoga itself didn’t cause this injury, tight calves and hamstrings led to it. Two weeks ago we vacationed at Disney and I walked more that I have in a long time and it took a toll on my legs and lower back. You truly need to train to take a Disney trip! Exercise will be slow and steady until my knee improves. It gives out randomly and I don’t want to make it worse. 

I hope you join me on this journey! Feel free to comment or send me a message.