My life’s passion is working with adolescents and helping them through life challenges. I also understand from first hand experience that parenting a teen is one of life's hardest and most challenging jobs. In this work the one thing I have found parents and teens can agree on, the teen years are confusing and frustrating. With no road map, many families become overwhelmed by the turbulence of adolescence, and find themselves lost. But families do not need to address these challenges alone.  

I have also journeyed with families dealing with  the devastating impact of addictions. I use both my personal and educational experiences to help parents and adolescents work through issues such as depression, gender identity, self-harm, suicidal ideation, anger, anxiety, school avoidance, self-esteem and many more issues. 

Sometimes adults also carry their own adolescence scars, and I work with adults on issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, work/life balance strategies, communication skills, and personal healing. I like to use an empathic, non-judgmental manner to guide you through these tough situations. I also find that exploring how family patterns affect us can help us improve life outcomes. Teaching resiliency, stress management, relaxation techniques, positive coping skills, are some of the skills I use in my therapy process.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Communications Media from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

After spending 13 years working for a local corporation, I left the business world to continue my educational journey and fulfill my desire to become a psychologist. 

I earned a Master of Clinical and Counseling Psychology degree from Chestnut Hill College, and a Certificate in Family and Couple Counseling.

I am a Master's level counselor working toward Pennsylvania Licensure. I am under the supervision of William F. Urbine, MA, M E.d., D.Min., LMFT.  Bill has over 40 years of counseling experience in multiple specialties.